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New York Fashion Week 2021 (12 - 13 February)


New York Fashion Week is approaching rapidly and this year is set to be as exciting as previous years.

While there may be variations on a theme due COVID restrictions and limitations there is still an exciting array of designs and collections to be exposed to the eagerly waiting world.

There will be new and exciting designs and fashion garments and products from the well renowned designers, but there is also a new breed of talent coming to the party as well, like Kenneth Ize, Piece of White, LVIR, Harris Reed and Rokh to name a few.

It’s like the isolation restrictions placed on all of us including the designer set has caused an incubation process from a design point of view. 

NY Fashion Week

The Stay At Home Edit

Date night at home - more important than ever. Guest writer Karen Smith explains why we need to make extra effort to ensure our redefined dinner dates are planned and noteworthy

If you and your live-in partner are working from home because of the pandemic, chances are you’re both schlepping around the house in your slippers and comfiest (which is code for ‘daggiest’) gear. And why not? It’s freedom, right? And so easy to quickly pull on an office jacket and slick on lip gloss, brush hair and you’re good to go for that daily Zoom catchup with head office, while still in pyjamas from the waist down.

But paradoxically, it’s become even more important to switch off from all of that ease.


Why not turn your living room into your cocktail lounge and dress for the occasion. Yes, even though you’re at home, actually dress up with heels and makeup, or a casual jacket for the guys. Turn off the overhead lights, set up some moody lighting, bring out your prettiest glassware to make cocktails. And the music will be perfect because it will be your own Spotify playlist compiled specifically for your date night at home.


Do you do “at home” date nights?


Her Style is a combination of warm relaxed tones with a hint of sheen in our selected garment to accent her flowing, glamorous yet relaxed theme. 

Coupled with our HALo jewellery selection in a warm rose gold and lots of multifaceted zircons for sparkle.

Her beauty regime is accented by a selection of RAW BEAUTY Finishing Veil Powder in a warm, muted Airbushed Finish for subtle beauty tones with a veil of minerals that lock makeup in place and give your skin airbrushed perfection.

Her home dinner date style is completed with elegant open toe sandles' with a slight heel and satin rose gold tones.

Annotation 2020-07-11 192510.png

Style for Her..

Accessories for Her..

Annotation 2020-07-11 192510.png

Accessories for Him..


Style for Him..

His Style is dark masculine tones to add a hint of designer style and relaxed formality to his dinner outfit. 

His PHUTURE polo shirt has just a hint of detail in the carbon fiber knit fabric and a relaxed collar in case he decides to really impress and throw on a blazer.

65McMlxv premium denim dark wash jeans work perfectly with his outfit with their slightly fuller cut.

Add a simple yet unique MAKAU hook wrap bracelet to show her you have individual yet masculine taste that still exudes style!


Keeping his dinner style chic, yet relaxed, we finish of his style selection with a crisp black and white pair of FEAR0 sneakers so that he doesn't create too much foot noise when he asks you up for a dance in the cocktail-lounge room...


The Team at éanè Clothing

The Work At Home Edit

The new eCommerce "Day-Trader"

We tend to think a lot about what is the new work environment and how does it assimilate within our home landscape. But more importantly, we need to ask ourselves what is the new work realm?