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From the alluring Italian style of Gianni Agnelli to the self-designed iconic rapper Kanye West, men have lost and found their fashion identity numerous times throughout the generations.

Caught between the male conflicts of being too ‘casual’ and too ‘dressy’, the majority of men seem most comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt (ironing is optional).

Masculinity is a strange beast. Our primal urge says dress up like a peacock and you’ll attract a worthy mate. Our peer urge says don’t make it look like you try too hard.

So here we are, in fashion “no man’s land”.

In this modern era, most men seem unsure of their particular style. Generally, dress standards have become more relaxed, more generic and constantly changing at a faster pace due to mass marketing.

Whether you aspire to the enviable style of Gianni Agnelli and the extraordinary life that shaped his charismatic persona and style, or you look towards the more infinitely casual style of Kanye West mixed with high-end designer pieces, completed with a pair of his infamous Yeezy rubber shoes, it’s a difficult road to travel for most men.

Our role at éanè Clothing is to try and orchestrate a collaboration of noteworthy men’s styles in the form of collections that are both sympathetic and complementary to a range of men’s lifestyles.

Over the coming weeks, our style team will curate a series of men’s clothing collections from our online range to help make the everyday man’s journey through the mystique of fashion past and present, in an attempt to pay homage to the ilks of Gianni Agnelli and Kanye West and every other fashion ambassador in between.

The Team at éanè Clothing


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